4 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Furnace This Winter

A heating appliance is one of the most important electronic appliances that keep you guarded against the extreme winter season. It’s important to ensure your furnace is in good working condition and there are several signs that can indicate when it is time for a replacement. Brock Heating & Air are experts in heating installation and heating replacement Rosamond CA and can help you determine the best heating solution for your home. 

Signs you need a furnace replacement

Old furnace's life

Additionally, think about how frequently you use your heater. The lifespan of a heater ranges from 20 to 30 years on average, although modern high-efficiency heaters with the right ductwork can have a 10-year guarantee and can last up to 30 years with upkeep. If the furnace was installed by a previous owner, you can check the installation date on the information label to determine its age.

High repair and energy costs

The price to replace your furnace may be less than the ongoing repair expenses. The price of installing a new furnace is frequently less than the price of employing an HVAC contractor, buying furnace parts, and can avoid disruption when your home’s heating isn’t working.

Examining your energy bills and your regular heating system maintenance costs is another technique to determine when your heater is approaching the end of its useful life. Price increases could indicate that your furnace isn’t operating as effectively as it once did.

Temperature variability

A high-efficiency heating system will lower your overall costs and enhance heat transfer throughout your home, so you should opt for one of these systems.


The farthest areas of the house, such as the main bedrooms, may have trouble receiving warm air from an inefficient furnace. Additionally, you may notice that big rooms have a warm- side and a cool side.

Loud furnace blower motor

When a furnace is turned on, a well-maintained one in good condition will create a pleasant hum, whereas a furnace system that is failing would make a lot of loud snaps and crackles or may seem to whir endlessly.


A noisy thermostat or HVAC blower motor may indicate that you want, at the least, a new blower motor or, maybe, a new furnace. Also, it is prudent to talk with your service expert about which alternative is best for you because this is a more pricey replacement item.

Airborne contaminants and dust in home

You do not want additional dust floating through your house, whether or not you have sensitivities to dust or pollen. While a new furnace filter can occasionally address this problem, if your furnace unit is old, you might have to put more effort into merely replacing or cleaning the air filters.


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