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Ductless AC Repair in Rosamond, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Ductless AC

Ductless HVACs are standard heating and cooling systems with their ability to be equally efficient in performance both in summer and winter. Many ductless systems have also provided cleaner air than a traditional HVAC system. Contact Us Today for Ductless AC Repair in Rosamond, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, CA, and Surrounding Areas.

Ductless HVAC Services in Rosamond, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Ductless HVACs have two units, an indoor and an outdoor unit. Given the absence of complex wiring, it is also relatively easier to perform services on a ductless AC. Nevertheless, like any other HVACs or machine, ductless isn’t immune to operational defects and problems either.

What could have possibly gone wrong with your Ductless AC? Let’s find out?

Ductless AC problems are relatively easier to discover and repair than traditional air conditioning systems. If you are trying to inspect what’s wrong with our ductless air conditioning system, we have compiled a list of a few common problems our technicians have come across in their past service visits.

  1. Blower Fan Issues
    The indoor units of your ductless AC house blower motors are responsible for blowing cool air into your living spaces. Blower motor issues can be easier to recognize with the presence of a strange or loud operational noise.
  2. Poor Installation
    Poor installation remains the major cause of breakdowns in many ductless air conditioners. Ductless ACs have fewer components when it comes to installations. Nevertheless, many technicians are not well-versed with the connectivity or other installation checks for ductless installations. When availing of installation services, you must get in touch with professional and reputable contractors only as an installation itself can considerably determine the performance of your appliance for a long time to come.
  3. Condensate Leaks
    Ductless ACs have more lines of condensate in them that help facilitate cooling in your household. Condensate leaks are common HVAC issues resulting from poor installation, cheap build quality, etc.
  4. Condensate Drain Clog
    Clogged drains can block the flow of condensate liquid and may also cause a backflow of its stream. Owners must schedule a ductless AC repair service soon to get rid of such clogs to avoid severe damage to their appliance.

Resolve all your ductless AC issues with Brock Heating & Air Inc

Brock Heating & Air Inc has years of experience in delivering exceptional heating and cooling services for HVACs. We understand the importance of a fully functional air conditioning system and strive to deliver solutions to your HVAC needs that are prompt, affordable, and reliable. Experts at Brock Heating & Air Inc, with years of experience in the industry, tailor services around your unique HVAC system to keep your appliance and other household systems working properly.

We also hire experienced and licensed technicians with an exemplary record of service. We ensure they receive adequate training to refresh their practice and skills with the latest developments in the HVAC industry. Our technicians always deliver on our promise of excellence on every service visit.

Brock Heating & Air Inc is a reputed HVAC service provider offering affordable and reliable HVAC heating and cooling services in Rosamond, CA, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (661) 917-4791 for free estimates, or visit our website to know more about our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ductless AC repairs can improve the unit's energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills. Regular repairs and maintenance can keep your system operating at peak performance while also extending the lifespan of your ductless air conditioner.

The most common ductless AC problems include the following:

  • Refrigerant leaks: A refrigerant leak can cause the system to lose its cooling power and can cause the unit to freeze up.
  • Blocked air filters: Dirty and clogged air filters can reduce the system's performance and cause it to freeze.
  • Faulty compressor: A faulty compressor can cause the system to stop cooling or working altogether.
  • Thermostat issues: A malfunctioning thermostat can cause the system to stop working or to run inefficiently.
  • Electrical issues: Electrical problems, such as short circuits or blown fuses, can cause the system to stop working or to run inefficiently.

It is recommended to leave the ductless AC fan on the "auto" setting. It allows the fan to operate only when the system is cooling, improving the unit's energy efficiency.

Before calling us for your professional ductless AC repair in Rosamond, CA, you should check the following:

  • The air filters: Dirty or clogged air filters can reduce the system's performance and cause it to freeze. Clean and replace them regularly. 
  • Calibrate the thermostat: Ensure that the thermostat is set to the correct temperature and is functioning correctly.
  • The electrical connections: Check the electrical connections to ensure they are secure and functioning.
  • The refrigerant levels: Check the refrigerant levels to ensure they are adequate. 

A ductless air conditioner typically lasts between 10 and 15 years. However, the lifespan of your ductless AC can be influenced by several factors, including proper maintenance, timely repairs, and usage. If your ductless AC is experiencing frequent breakdowns, is inefficient, or is more than ten years old, consider a replacement.

Several reasons can cause a ductless AC to freeze up. Such as dirty and clogged air filters, low refrigerant levels, improper airflow, and malfunctioning components. No matter the case, your AC freezing up is never a good sign. If you reside in the area and notice your cooling unit cooling a lot, contact Brock Heating & Air Inc. professionals for your ductless AC repair in Rosamond, CA.

Changing the ductless air conditioner filters every three months is recommended, or more frequently if you keep pets or live in a dusty environment. Dirty or clogged filters can reduce the system's performance and cause it to freeze up.


The proper humidity level in your indoor space should be between 30% and 50%. Proper humidity levels can help improve indoor comfort and reduce the risk of mold growth.

If you require reliable ductless AC repair in Rosamond, CA, and the surrounding areas, schedule a consultation with Brock Heating & Air Inc. Our experienced technicians are always ready to help you get your ductless air conditioner back up and  running in no time.