5 Common Air Conditioning Problems And How To Prevent Them

If you are not scheduling maintenance services on time for your AC system, you are risking your family’s health. Moreover, some problems can quickly escalate into hazardous situations if not addressed early on. You can take care of your AC unit by taking preventive measures by visiting a company providing AC repair in Lancaster, CA.

You Can Easily Avoid Some Problems in a Few Simple Steps

Here are some measures you can take if facing these problems. However, if the solutions do not work, do not hesitate to call the Lancaster HVAC contractor for quick inspection and repair:

Dirty Condensate Coils

When the dust and dirt accumulated on the coils interferes with the heat transfer process, the cooling capacity decreases, and you receive less efficient air. Check the condensate fins for dust and dirt. If you can see the fins are dirty, switch off the system from all power sources and open the AC outdoor unit.

Take a small coil cleaning brush to remove the dust off the coils and fins. Take a scrubber and dish cleaning soap and start cleaning the coils. After keeping the coils, wash them off with the water and keep them in the sun to dry.

Malfunctioning Blower Fan

A blower fan is a component that blows the warm air away from the AC system to protect the AC system from overheating. Here are some signs that indicate the malfunctioning blower fan and motor:

  • Fan rotating speed is slow.
  • The fan does not operate when the AC system is working.
  • Rattling sound during AC functioning
  • Clunking noise from the AC unit indicates a broken fan blade part is moving inside the unit.

Now, all you have to do is look for a burned-down motor or loose wires in the motor causing the connectivity issues with the fan. For your safety, it is better to call the technician for quick repair.

Compressor Failure

This is one of the common problems why AC systems get replaced before completing their working period. A compressor is an essential component; if it goes down, the entire AC system goes down.

If you want your AC system to work for more than twelve years, you must decrease the compressor’s workload pressure.

Water Leakage

There are two important reasons behind water leaking from the AC unit:

  • Frozen evaporator coils.
  • Blocked condensate drains.

We’ll first recommend you check the condensate drain for blockage issues. Clean the pipe with a long brush and clear the blockage. After 5-10 minutes, pour hot boiling water down the drain to clean the pipe thoroughly. Check the condensate pan, too. If there is a crack on the surface, replace it by calling the technician.

Dusty Air Filter

Replace the air filter every three months to avoid all the AC repair problems because the air filter is the root cause of other significant issues. Contact ductless AC repair in Rosamond, CA, if you notice any problems with your AC.


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