The 4 Most Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues

As we approach the hot and humid summer months, it’s essential to make sure that your air conditioning system is in good working condition. Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained AC systems can experience problems.

If you find yourself facing any air conditioner problems, look no further than Brock Heating & Air Inc. With our expertise in AC repair and installation in Lancaster, CA, and surrounding areas, we are the go-to HVAC contractor, providing top-notch services to ensure your comfort.

The Four Most Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues Are:

1. Refrigerant Leaks:

The refrigerant in your AC system is the substance that cools the air. When there’s a leak, the refrigerant can escape, making your system less efficient and causing it to work harder than it should. Signs of a refrigerant leak are warm air blowing from the vents, ice forming on the evaporator coil, and a hissing sound coming from the unit.

At Brock Heating & Air Inc, we have experienced HVAC contractors who can quickly identify and repair refrigerant leaks in Lancaster. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure your AC system runs efficiently and effectively.

2. Electrical Problems:

Another common AC repair issue is electrical problems. Faulty wiring, a malfunctioning capacitor, or a blown fuse can cause your AC system to stop working. Signs of electrical problems include the unit not turning on, the circuit breaker tripping, or strange sounds coming from the unit.

Our technicians can diagnose and fix any electrical issues that may be affecting your AC system. We use only high-quality parts and components to ensure that your system operates smoothly and safely.

3. Dirty Air Filters:

Air filters trap dirt, dust, and other particles, preventing them from circulating through your home. Over time, these filters can get clogged, reducing airflow and causing your system to work harder than it should. Signs of a dirty air filter include poor airflow, reduced cooling capacity, and higher energy bills.

At Brock Heating & Air Inc, we recommend that you replace your air filters every 30-60 days, depending on usage. We offer AC installation services in Lancaster, CA; our team can help you choose the right air filter for your system. We can also perform regular maintenance on your AC system to ensure that your filters are clean and your system works efficiently.

4. Faulty Compressor:

The compressor is regarded as the heart of your AC system. It circulates the refrigerant through the system, creating cool air. If the compressor fails, your system won’t be able to cool your home. Signs of a faulty compressor include warm air blowing from the vents, strange noises coming from the unit, and an unresponsive thermostat.

If you suspect that your compressor is faulty, you should contact a professional HVAC contractor like Brock Heating & Air Inc. We use only high-quality parts and components to ensure that your AC runs smoothly and efficiently.

Air conditioning systems are essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment during the summer months. Unfortunately, they can experience problems that require repair. 

Brock Heating & Air Inc is among one of the top HVAC companies in Lancaster. With our experienced technical team and commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee that your air conditioning system will be in good hands.

If you’re experiencing issues with your AC system, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer free consultations and quotes, and our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Choose Brock Heating & Air Inc for all your AC repair and installation needs in Lancaster, CA