Three Common Issues And Solutions: Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Heat pumps are becoming a popular alternative in Lancaster to traditional heating appliances due to their ability to heat and cool efficiently, resulting in low energy consumption and a decrease in heat pump repair in Lancaster, CA. For example, an air-source heat pump, which transfers heat from the outside air to the inside air, can provide 1.5 to 3 times the heat energy to a home as the electrical energy it consumes. Furthermore, their energy and cost efficiency make them appealing to homeowners.

What Exactly Is A Heat Pump, And How Does It Operate?

To troubleshoot a heat pump, you must first understand how it works. All heat pumps run on the same basic principle. Instead of burning fuel to generate heat, they transfer heat from one location to another.

In some cases where serious repair work is to be done, contact Brock Heating and Air, a top Lancaster, HVAC contractor  troubleshooting.

3 Common Heat Pump Issues And Solutions

Troubleshooting your heat pump can help avoid malfunctions which, if ignored, can lead to untimely heat pump replacement in Lancaster, CA. Hence, homeowners should consider getting heat pump servicing and maintenance regularly.

The common heat pump issues that homeowners face and their solutions are given below;

• A Constantly Running Heat Pump

If your heat pump is constantly running at full capacity, it could significantly contribute to high energy bills. There could be a few reasons why your heat pump is constantly running. Fortunately, most of them are easily repairable if you regularly schedule heating service Lancaster appointments.

• The Thermostat Is Not Properly Wired.

Inspect your thermostat’s display for error messages, alarms, or other strange activities. You should also double-check that it shows the correct setting: it should be set to heat with the heat pump turned on. If you bought your thermostat a long time ago, it’s possible that it isn’t compatible with heat pumps and needs to be replaced.

Finally, if your thermostat was recently replaced, the problem could be with your wiring; consult with our Lancaster HVAC companies to ensure that everything is properly connected.

• The Starter Capacitor Should Be Replaced.

Even when there’s no flame, older gas ovens click to indicate that gas is being released. A similar clicking from your heat pump could be due to a faulty starter capacitor, which sends an electrical charge to the motors. If you suspect this is the problem, have a technician for a heater repair in Lancaster, CA, replace this component.

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A heat pump is a versatile piece of equipment that offers numerous benefits. However, like all electrical appliances, it is prone to occasional problems. With these helpful heat pump troubleshooting tips, you’ll be ready for any problems with your unit. Brock Heating and Air are here to resolve any issue that requires professional care. Our team offers reliable services including heat pump maintenance and repair.

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