Top 11 AC Problems For 2023

When your air conditioner isn’t working, hot summer days can get extremely uncomfortable. Don’t leave your family and friends in the sweltering heat this summer.

Learn about the most common AC issues of the year so you can be prepared and know how an effective AC installation in Lancaster, CA, can be an advantage.

Here are the top 10 AC issues to watch out for in 2023.

1. Filtering Issues

A dirty filter is one of the most prevalent issues with AC units. Dirty filters hinder airflow and risk freezing AC components.

2. Fan-Related Problems

Fans circulate interior air over the evaporator to cool it. Fans carry air through the system and are an essential component of the air conditioner. Reduced airflow, decreased efficiency, and even compressor failure can be brought on by a defective motor, deteriorating lubrication, wear and tear damage, and dirt.

3. Wrong Size

Your air conditioner may be the wrong size for your home. While an extremely large system will drop the room temperature too soon and cycle too quickly to dehumidify appropriately, a system that is too small will never be able to cool your home adequately. Contact Brock Heating & Air Inc. for AC replacement in Lancaster to resolve the issue. 

4. Obstructed Drains

When the AC unit eliminates moisture from the air, the water drains. Water can come back into the system when this component becomes clogged, producing leaks in the walls and ceilings and mold growth.

5. Ineffective Contactor

The compressor, blower, and condenser fan motors all have contactors as electrical connections. Starting your air conditioning system may be difficult when this component fails.

6. A Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes the control panel rather than the AC is the issue. Unpredictable AC performance is the result of an uncalibrated thermostat. In case a repair is required, adjust the thermostat’s settings.

7. Coils Need To Be Replaced

Evaporator coils bring cool air into the house from the interior, while condenser coils work with the compressor outside. Both can get grimy or rusted. Remember to schedule ductless mini splits Lancaster maintenance regularly and consider purchasing a house guarantee for your air conditioner.

8. Lack Of Refrigeration

Heat and humidity are removed from the air via refrigerant. Temperature fluctuations may come from leaks in the cooler’s refrigerant supply system, which reduces the cooler’s efficiency. A ductless HVAC Lancaster specialist frequently needs to fix this problem and stop the leaks.

9. An Unreliable Compressor

A compressor circulates refrigerant throughout the system to cool the air. Continuous use of this compressor may lead it to wear down, and using too much or not enough refrigerant may be harmful.

10. Fuses, Breakers, And Capacitors

The AC is prevented from overheating via breakers and fuses. A Lancaster HVAC contractor from your air conditioner insurance provider will inspect the breaker as soon as the motor on an AC breaks. 

11. Defective Ducts

Cool air is circulated throughout your home through ducts in the walls. Rodents or building accidents can cause leaky ducts, squandering cold air, and raise energy costs as your AC works harder.

Lancaster HVAC Contractor

Various circumstances cause a damaged air conditioner, and repairs can be pricey. Instead of attempting to fix sophisticated AC components on your own, allow Brock Heating & Air Inc. experts to perform professional AC repair in Lancaster, CA.

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