Why Isn’t My AC Unit Cooling My Home?

Getting through the summer heat without an AC is frustrating. If your AC is not blowing cool air, you can try adjusting the thermostat and a few tricks to get your AC back on track. If none of these methods work out, there is no option other than calling for professional Lancaster HVAC contractors

Reasons why Your AC Stopped Working

  • Dirty And Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are the outermost components of an AC unit. All the dirt and dust that comes in with the air passes through these filters and cools down.

This way, the internal air conditioning system is kept clean and efficient to provide uninterrupted cooling. In the case of dirty filters, air circulation is blocked, leading to lesser cooling and system failure sometimes, which might lead to AC replacement in Rosamond, CA.

  • Incorrect Thermostat Settings

If you sense a temperature rise, step up to check your thermostat first. Ensure it is set to cool and the temperature is 4 to 6 degrees lower than the room temperature.

If it is off, change it to on and check if the cooling resumes. If the AC starts blowing cool air, the problem is solved; if not, hire a Lancaster HVAC companies professional.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels or Leaks

Without a refrigerant, your AC won’t cool. Similarly, with less refrigerant, your AC will still blow hot air. The problem lies in the refrigerant levels if you have cleaned your AC unit and it is still blowing hot air.

Also, you will see a rise in electricity bills since the system will work harder than usual. The probable reason behind low refrigerant levels is leakage, so call AC installation Lancaster CA professional to fix it.

  • Small-Sized AC Unit

If you buy AC based on your budget, it might be the wrong choice later. Therefore, remember to buy an AC based on your room’s requirements and to match the size of your room. Contact us for the best AC installation in Rosamond.

  • The Blocked Outdoor Condenser Unit

Due to dirt and debris stuck in your condenser coils, the energy efficiency is reduced, and warm air is blown out of the registers. In extreme cases, when the condenser coils are clogged, a complete system shutdown occurs due to overuse.

  • Iced Evaporator Coils

Warm air passes through the evaporator coil, which is cooled down and circulated back to the house. If this coil has frost on the refrigerant coils or outdoor unit, know that it needs immediate assistance to get back to efficient cooling. Since you can’t reach the evaporator coils yourself, call AC repair Lancaster CA professional.


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