Winter Checklist: Prepare Your Home For The Cold Season

With the advent of the cold winter season, it is time for homeowners to start making a winter to-do list for their houses. Moreover, preparing your furnace for winter is necessary no matter where you reside.

In addition, seasonal changes are a great reminder to maintain your furnace appliance and contact experts for heating service in Lancaster. Read below to learn more about what you should include in a winter furnace service checklist.

Winter checklist: An overview

Clean drains

Although cleaning your drains is never enjoyable, there is no time of year when it is more important. Clear out branches, leaves, and garbage safely from your gutter. When the water starts to stream out of the downspout, flush the gutter again with a hose.

A blockage could be the cause of a slow drain. Disassociate your downspout to clean it before winter if you notice any debris.

Window and door seals

The gaskets around your panes may crack in the summer due to the increased heat. You might not notice or care when it’s mild outside, but leaks and cracks can cause your home to cool and increase your heating costs in the winter.

Check your house for draughts as part of your winter home improvements. If necessary, re-caulk or install weather-tripping to keep your home warm through winter.

Change the ceiling fans

This winter, a simple switch-flip can improve the atmosphere in your home. Change the orientation of any ceiling fans to clockwise. This forces warmer air that accumulates near your ceiling to descend into the space. This straight switch is essential where fans are used year-round, such as where you utilize them to create white noise to aid sleep.

Battery checks

You’ll probably turn on your heater and leave your windows closed throughout the colder months. While doing so keeps your house warmer, there is a risk involved. Any release of carbon monoxide has the potential to be lethal.

Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before winter arrives. By checking the cells in these essential gadgets every time the clocks are changed for daylight saving time, it’s simple to develop the habit of doing so.

Safeguard patio furniture

Why keep all of your patio equipment outside and exposed to the weather when you’ll probably be utilizing your patio less throughout the upcoming cold season? No on your climate, adding some precautions to your outdoor places should be on your winter to-do list.

Move your outdoor furniture inside or cover it. Alternatively, if your furniture has removable cushions, you can keep the stronger furniture bases outside while storing the pillows that would be more susceptible to the elements.


Even after taking adequate care of your furnace unit, it may still require heater service and heater replacement Rosamond. Call our professionals at Brock Heating & Air for all your heating needs in Rosamond and Lancaster. To book an appointment, call us at (661) 917-4791 or visit our website.